Anonymous asked:

My friend has serious depression, cuts, and is suicidal. She goes to a therapist, talks to my youth pastor, and has the help she needs. I feel like there is nothing I can do and I'm in a really hard spot. What can I do that would help? I call her all the time and have talked her out of so many things. I share the word of God with her as much as possible but it doesn't seem to be enough. Please help!

I am telling you, being a good friend to her —just like what you are doing— is enough. The healing process for her won’t be easy. It will take a lot of time for her to recover fully. And all you need to do is to be the best friend she could ever have; stand by her side; pray for her; be with her; and most importantly, never give up on her.

Let’s all pray together for your friend. Nothing is impossible with God. Know that He will make her okay in His time…

May the Lord bless your friend, you, and your kind heart!

Anonymous asked:

i am not motivated anymore especially on my studies i'm on my junior year in college :( i always lived with fear, low esteem i'd pray on it. but i don't know why the feeling that you feel worthless , i hope that god would guide me more strength and make me understand for all the things that happening to me.

Just never stop praying; God is listening.

I don’t know what happened to you that made you feel like how you’re feeling right now. But honestly…I felt the same way before. I know it’s hard. When you’re not motivated. When you’re so afraid. When you can’t seem to trust yourself anymore. Before, I always tend to pray to God hoping for Him to change what’s happening around me so I won’t have to feel bad anymore. But no, He didn’t change anything no matter how hard I pray for it. You know what He did? He changed me. Slowly, and honestly painfully, as I pray continuously, He changed me. And that is what God had made me realize: even if everything around you seems to fall apart, even if you’re not feeling good, never stop moving forward. That you will always be responsible for all your actions regardless of how you feel.

In your case, never stop pursuing your dreams regarding your studies. Set away the fears. Set away the unnecessary feelings. Keep your focus to Jesus only. You have come this far; just keep going! Pray and never stop believing. God is always with you!

From brokenness to victory


Hi there, my name is Febe and I am a college student who major in English faculty.  This is the story how God help me through my struggle in college… When I was in the second semester, I faced a lot of difficult subjects and one of them was Structure II… It was very difficult because to my lecturer didn’t explain it quite clearly for me to understand it….. In fact, I didn’t do well on my midterm and it really made me depressed…

I struggled with it a lot and I often cried as if I didn’t have enough strength to go on because I was scared that I might lose my scholarship because of that subject…

So I joined campus tutorial for that subject…  But the tutor was really rude and she spoke as if she thought that I couldn’t do it and once again I felt depressed about my grade. I prayed a lot during those times and ask God to help me bring my grades up and surrendered it all to Him…So I quit the tutorial and ask my friend to teach me and it really worked. I studied really hard for my quizzes and final exam…

And guess what? I got B+ !!! I truly proved to that tutor and to myself that I really can do it and I manage to get a satisfying grade in structure II !

Once again God truly proved to me that He is always there for me in times of sorrow, chaos, pain, heartache, and in the lowest point of my life. And now, I can smile and laughed happily when I look back through my journey in second semester because He gave me a ultimate joy and victory, replacing my sadness and brokenness

Anonymous asked:

I come from what is considered a lower class family. I've never lacked for anything, but God turned my attention to a private Christian college about 2 years ago and since then it has been my dream to attend. One slight problem: the tuition fees. The family actually grew before the money came, but in less than 3 months I will be attending this university with little to no cost and only one loan (without interest) PRAISE GOD!